Reviews of Losing the Moon

“At a time when American poetry is rife with autobiographical verse steeped in nostalgia and tinged by sentimentality, Kathryn Levy has dug into her life with the precision of a surgeon and the gravity of an undertaker.…Although many people today write poems, only a few, like Levy, make art….”

—George Held, Valparaiso Poetry Review

“…her writing is lyrical and candidly aboveground… This illustration of the fragility of life is finely wrought by a master stylist.”

—Susan Hankla, Style Weekly

”In this thick debut collection by Kathryn Levy, emotional intensity permeates the page. These are poems of love and loneliness. .. She draws upon affecting imagery and ideas–all of us have seen the days of our lives pass uncounted and felt trapped and nameless within our routines.”

—C.L. Bledsoe, The Hollins Critic

“…each image is finely honed, each sentiment crafted. Nothing here is extraneous, her language has the sharp edge of a blade.”


“Levy’s first collection of poems Losing the Moon is a deeply moving work immersed in a tangible darkness. This personal, courageous work speaks to the poet’s accomplishments as an artist…..”

Sag Harbor Reader/Sag Harbor Express
(New & Noteworthy, Sag Harbor Reader)

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